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Most frequently requested programs:

KABOOM! Release the P.O.W.E.R. In You: Positioning Yourself for Success

Do you know that you have the capability to do more? Do others constantly refer to your “potential?” Are you challenged by responses to your uniqueness?

In this keynote presentation, Stephanie will share stories of her personal adversities and accomplishments that will inspire and ignite you to move past limitations set by others and yourself as you explore the treasures hidden inside you. Every leader, professional, family member, or individual looking for those elusive, missing elements in their personal and spiritual growth will be given keys to unlock the greatness that lies within. The audience will be motivated to identify and release the components of a P.O.W.E.R.ful and productive life!


Change Anyway! Face Your Fears and Achieve Your True Potential

Routines are comfortable, so when it comes to work, life, and relationships, most of us just like things the way they are. However, we all know that things can’t and shouldn’t always stay the same.

In every situation, change is inevitable… and usually uncomfortable! Whether you’re trying to survive the changes of daily life or an incredible crisis, it’s not the change itself, but how you respond to it that has the greatest impact on your life and future. Even when the familiar seems more preferable, we must be prepared to adapt to change anyway because not all change is within our control. Having the confidence and skills to face the fear of the unknown opens the door to limitless possibilities. It’s your choice: Fight and resist or tackle the challenge and move forward with momentum. Discover how to maintain a mindset of flexibility and courage in this dynamic presentation.


More Honey, Less Vinegar! Communication Strategies That Produce Sweet Results

Question: How much time and money do you think gets wasted as a result of poor communication? Answer: More than anyone can afford!

Communication affects morale, performance, trust, and essentially your bottom line. In this interactive presentation, Stephanie will engage the audience with entertaining stories and fun and interactive activities. Experience the power of changing the way you communicate by leveraging interpersonal skills, mindful nonverbal communication, and cross-cultural competence. This presentation will be a catalyst to help you and your teams produce positive results on both a professional and personal level.


Boundaries not Blockades: A Leaders Guide to Establishing Healthy Employee Working Relationships

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, taken for granted, or stretched to the point of breaking? Do you feel the need to say “yes” when you know you should say no? How do you respond when someone disregards what you value?

Many of us have no idea what boundaries are and why we need them! Having more to do doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting more done. The underlying root of over-committing or undervaluing yourself or others may be costing you more than you realize Healthy boundaries are not selfish, they’re an essential catalyst for improving productivity and positive working relationships. In this thought provoking and engaging presentation, Stephanie will arm participants with boundaries toolkit that will help them define and establish healthy boundaries within your organization, and reevaluate and identify weak or ineffective boundaries that could be impacting their goals and sabotaging their success. Experience the art of setting limits and communicating consequences. Book Stephanie today to learn how boundaries are a necessary catalyst for increasing productivity by improving business and personal relationships.