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Now, are you ready to schedule Stephanie for a keynote, workshop, interview  or request her as a panel moderator?

Every presentation Stephanie gives is customized for the specific audience. As a result, she offers a range of fees for meeting planners that meet most budgets. After an initial telephone consultation to determine your program requirements, you will receive a written quote for the appropriate customized packages. A pre-program questionnaire will be used to assist in preparation to deliver you quality service.

What determines your price quote?

  • Travel distance from my home in Houston, TX
  • Length of program
  • Style of program
  • Number of “sizzler” items selected
  • Flexibility of the program date

What length of time do you generally speak?

Keynotes: 45-90 minutes
Workshops: 2-4 hours
Customized sessions: Varies according to event

What do you mean by “style” of the program?

“Standard program” means the content is already prepared and will be customized slightly according to the interests of the audience. Most meeting planners find the standard style presentations an easy, fabulous choice for keynotes and meeting openers.

“Made to order” is associated with workshops and training sessions. It means the content will be completely reorganized, created, and delivered according to your needs. Meeting planners appreciate this style making it the most popular choice of programming.

“Panel moderator” serves as the person responsible for setting the tone and structure of your selected panel of experts. Stephanie’s training as a group facilitator uniquely prepares her for this role. As a bonus, she will work with you to prepare your panel ahead of time to ensure a successful event.

Stage Setup

What is the best way to set up the room?

  • Stephanie will not be speaking from a lectern. She loves to feel connected to  the audience. If the AV requires the computer on stage, a small table works. If it is necessary to have a lectern on the stage or platform in order to facilitate the needs of the previous or following speaker, please have them moved to the back of the platform for Stephanie’s presentation if possible.
  • Please, if possible, make sure the stage or platform is as close to audience as possible, 10 feet or less is great!

A/V Needs

  • Wireless lavaliere microphone
  • You will provide an LCD Projector with the capacity to play audio and video and large screen or screens.

Stephanie will bring her laptop computer from which she will run her PowerPoint presentation, and it will have video and sound. She will also bring the VGA adapter and slide advancer. Because Stephanie often uses music in her presentation, she is unable to transfer her program in a USB Memory Stick.

Audio / Video Recording

No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Stephanie’s prior written permission.

Stephanie’s Headshots

Download Hi-Res Images:

Stephanie D Miller HeadshotStephanieDMiller Headshot_Blue

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