About Stephanie

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Are you looking for a speaker who can help people to overcome perceived obstacles in their lives, so that they can move forward to new opportunities?

Stephanie D. Miller is a change and growth expert, and through her presentation your audience will be motivated to acquire the personal and work skills that are needed to navigate change. Stephanie’s presentation is a lively experience that helps people to acquire the ability to connect with other people, and use specific strategies to adapt to change in order to create a foundation for lifelong learning.

Stephanie has overcome difficult situations in her own life, and she turned those difficult situations into opportunities to improve her character and personality. When audiences hear her story, they feel as though they are connecting with a trusted friend. Throughout the presentation, Stephanie offers a fresh perspective and clear focus, and audience members are able to see that positive, productive change is essential to growth and success. The tools that they gain during the presentation allow each person to move forward and stay focused on the things that really matter.

Her knowledge can be catered to each audience that she works with, and Stephanie is skilled at taking complex concepts and breaking them down to help others apply the concepts in their own lives. These lessons are taught with deep, thought-provoking content delivered through a combination of stories, humor, music, and audience participation. Each person leaves informed, ignited and inspired.

Experience and Education

After Stephanie’s career was cut short because of a near-fatal car accident, she decided to leverage her experience to improve her life. During her recovery time, she wrote her book Collision with Destiny to teach others about the lessons that she learned through her experience. She later went on to write a second book Change Anyway: Face Your Fears and Achieve Your True Potential which will be published in Fall 2015.

Stephanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, professional counselor and chemical dependency counselor in private practice. While building her practice she supported one of the finest Prevention and Recovery Centers in the United States providing her clinical skills and conducting one of the most effective weekly educational sessions on Relationships in Recovery. One of her strengths is that she can easily relate to diverse audiences, and has spoken to a variety of organizations: corporate, education, faith-based, cultural and generational.

As a teacher, Stephanie is able to address all learning styles in her presentations: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, right-brained (logical) and left-brained (creative). These various methods help her to connect with each member of the audience. Her greatest joy is seeing others find the courage to overcome perceived obstacles and exceed their goals.